List of Banks Whose Deposits Are Insured by the BDIF


In view of the reorganization of Expressbank AD through merger into DSK Bank EAD and in accordance with Article 12, para 4 of the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee (LBDG), we would like to advise you that deposits with Expressbank AD and DSK Bank EAD are guaranteed separately for each bank for a six-month term as of the date of the incorporation’s entry in the Commercial Register, 30 April 2020.

Upon the expiration of the said term deposits of a physical person or a legal entity placed with Expressbank AD and DSK Bank EAD prior to the reorganization, along with the interest accrued, shall be summed for the calculation of the guarantee to the amount of BGN 196,000 in compliance with Article 12, para 1 of LBDG.

The credit institutions listed below are branches of banks from EU Member States and they do notparticipate in the deposit guarantee scheme in the Republic of Bulgaria since they are protected by the applicable home country scheme:


BDIF guarantees full repayment of depositor’s funds with each individual bank, regardless of the number and size of the deposits, up to BGN 196,000 (EUR 100,000). This amount includes the principal and the interest accrued up to the date of the BNB’s resolution on a bank’s license revocation or on the declaration of unavailability of deposits with a bank. Additional protection up to BGN 250,000 (EUR 127,823) for a term of three months is provided for the following types of deposits: deposits of individuals arising from transactions with real estates for residential purposes; deposits of individuals arising from amounts paid in connection with conclusion or dissolution of marriage, termination of a labour contract or civil service contract, disability, or death; and deposits arising from insurance or social insurance payments or from payment of compensation for damages from crimes or reversed sentence.

The BDIF insures bank deposits of physical persons and legal entities both in levs and in foreign currency. Deposits are all funds in a bank account opened in the name of one or more persons: time and demanddeposits, current and savings account, debit or credit cards accounts. Deposit insurance is applicable also to credit balances, which the bank shall repay to its customers under the terms provide by law or a contract signed.

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