International Relations

International Association of Deposit Insurers

BDIF is a founding member and an active member of the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI).

‘The International Association of Deposit Insurers was formed in May 2002 to enhance the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems by promoting guidance and international cooperation. Members of IADI conduct research and produce guidance for the benefit of those countries seeking to establish or improve a deposit insurance system. Members also share their knowledge and expertise through participation in international conferences and other forums.

IADI currently represents 85 deposit insurers. IADI is a non-profit organization constituted under Swiss Law and is domiciled at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.’ (

European Forum of Deposit Insurers

BDIF is a founding member and an active member of the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI).

‘The purpose of EFDI is to contribute to the stability of financial systems by promoting European co-operation in the field of deposit insurance and facilitating discussion and exchange of expertise and information on issues of mutual interest and concern.’ (

EFDI is an international non-profit association registered in Belgium. Currently it has 68 members from 47 countries representing deposit guarantee schemes from 44 countries.

EFDI scope of work includes creating working groups and permanent committees, which deal with application of EU directives and any proposed changes. EFDI is a partner of the European Commission to the European Union legislation on deposit guarantee.

EFDI has established an EU Committee comprised of the full members of EFDI from the EU member states which deals with EFDI policy in terms of EU legislation on deposit guarantee, as well as EFDI representation before EU institutions.

Bilateral Cooperation

BDIF maintains active relations: exchange of information and visits, with deposit guarantee schemes worldwide, being in closer collaboration with schemes from Central and Eastern Europe.